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Table 1 Sequences of AFLP adapters and primers(Vos et al., 1995).

From: Combined use of Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism and IS6110 -RFLP in fingerprinting clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Kerala, South India

AFLP adapter (EcoR I) oligo 1 : 5'-CTC GTA GAC TGC GTA CC-3'
AFLP adapter (EcoR I) oligo 2 : 5'-AAT TGG TAC GCA GTC TAC-3'
AFLP adapter (Mse I) oligo 1 : 5'-GAC GAT GAG TCC TGA G-3'
AFLP adapter (Mse I) oligo 2 : 5'-TAC TCA GGA CTC AT-3'
Primer, EO (non selective)a : 5'-GAC TGC GTA CCA ATT C-3'
Primer, MO (non selective)a : 5'-GAT GAG TCC TGA GTA A-3'
  1. a Selective primers were synthesized with an extra nucleotide-A, T, G or C at the 3' end of the non-selective primer sequence and were designated as EA, MT etc. accordingly.