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Table 2 General comments recorded by participants

From: Knowledge and attitudes of parents and professionals to neonatal BCG vaccination in light of recent UK policy changes: A questionnaire study

Comment Frequency
Would like more information 26
Appears to be a racist policy at present 15
Have tried to find out information, but not been successful 7
Know about BCG, but not current policy 6
Doesn't care 6
People around me seem very confused 5
I don't know much about it 5
Thinks all babies should be getting it 4
Policy seems correct, but implementation is not 4
Has no knowledge and concerned as has other children who might need the BCG 2
Not enough leaflets for parents 2
Should be given by trained staff in a postnatal outpatient setting 2
There are too many vaccines 2
More emphasis needed on choice 2
Confused BCG with Vitamin K 2