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Table 1 Clinical Summary

From: Oral infection of mice with Salmonella entericaserovar Typhimurium causes meningitis and infection of the brain

Mouse Treatment Behaviour Clinical Features a Meningitis score Genetic background
1 uninfected non-rolling normal 0 C57BL/6
2 infected non-rolling normal 0 C57BL/6
3 infected rolling meningitis, thrombosis 1+ Balb/c
4b infected rolling meningitis 2+ C57BL/6
5 infected rolling meningitis 0.5+ Balb/c
6 infected rolling meningitis, thrombosis, ventriculitis 2+ Balb/c
7 infected rolling meningitis 1+ 129S6-Slc11a1tm1 Mcg
  1. aslides were scored with the observer blinded to mouse history
  2. bmouse shown in Additional file 1