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Figure 4

From: Innate immunity glycoprotein gp-340 variants may modulate human susceptibility to dental caries

Figure 4

Association of the gp-340 I phenotype with increased caries increment and the caries susceptibility allele Db. (A) Plot of the individual 2-year caries increment scores for the gp-340 phenotypes I to III (gp340 I versus II/III, median scores 4 and 0, respectively, p = 0.027). (B) Numbers of gp-340 I positive subjects (■) among Db+ and Db- subjects (* p = 0.051). (C) Caries experience (mean DMFS ± SE) in subjects positive for gp-340 I and Db (gp-340I/Db+) versus subjects negative for both proteins (gp-340II, III/Db-) (* p = 0.023).

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