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Table 2 Workflow of reprocessing in the washer/disinfector and further processing

From: Hygienic safety of reusable tap water filters (Germlyser®) with an operating time of 4 or 8 weeks in a haematological oncology transplantation unit

Step Parameters
Flushing 25°C, 2 min, RO (reverse osmosis) water
Basic cleaning and disinfection (NaOH) pH 11, RO water, 50°C/5 min
Rinsing RO water 25°C/1 min
Acidic cleaning to remove mineral stains of calcium carbonate phosphoric acid, pH 2, RO water, 50°C/5 min
Final rinsing RO water 25°C/1 min
Thermic disinfection 95°C/10 min, RO water
Check for membrane integrity resistance time over 1 min
Drying with sterile air 115°C
Packing and documentation sterile boxes