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Table 1 Clinical and laboratory features of 21 children with malignancies with infectious diseases consultations prior to diagnosis

From: Pediatric malignancies presenting as a possible infectious disease

Patient Age (yrs) Sex (M/F) Main features at time of ID consult DOS Fever (days) Bone pain (days) Fatigue (days) Weight loss (kg) Headache HMG (cm below CM) SMG (cm below CM) LN Hb WBC Diff Plt LDH Malignancy/Diagnostic Test
1 1.6 F swollen elbow, pancytopenia high Y(28) No No No No Y (4) Y (NR) No 63 N A 6 1015 ALL/BMA
2 12.2 M hip and calf pain, poor appetite, fever, bruising high Y(7) No Y (21) Y (5) Y No No No 52 14.9 A 19 869 AML/BMA
3 0.25 F respiratory distress, shock, leukocytosis low No No No No No Y (6) Y (1) No N 53 A 30 3204 JMML/skin biopsy
4 14.5 F cough, cavitary lesions on CXR low Y(NR) No No Y (5) No No Y (1) Y 108 22.3 N H(615) N Hodgkin's/lung and mediastinal node biopsies
5 1.5 F back pain with abnormal MRI high Y No No No No No Y (1) No 108 N N N N Langerhan's cell histiocytosis/vertebral aspirate
6 4.7 M fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, inguinal lymphadenopathy low Y(5) No No No No No Y (CT) Y 107 N N N N Lymphoma/node biopsy
7 2.3 M splenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, abnormal CBC high No No No No No No Y (3) Y 77 30.3 A 67 N JMML/BMA
8 8.6 M parietal swelling with imaging showing possible abscess none No No Y (70) No No No No No 113 12.6 N H(413) NR fibrous histiocytoma/dural biopsy
9 1.6 M leukocytosis on CBC done for irritability and asthma high No No No No No Y (U/S) Y (U/S) No 84 51.3 A 106 438 JCML/BMA
10 3.3 F fever, lower GI bleed, pancytopenia high Y (7) No No No No No No No 20 1.2 A 7 313 ALL/BMA
11 9.9 M headache, blurred double vision with brain lesion on imaging low No No No Y(5) Y No No No N N N N N Ependymoma/brain biopsy
12 2.2 F fever, limp, abnormal imaging low Y(2) No No No No No No No 106 4.4 N N 592 Neuroblastoma/BMA
13 15. M fever, cough, dyspnea with known pericardial and pleural effusions low Y(2) No No No No No No No 125 58.8 A N N CML/BMA
14 7.2 M parapharyngeal mass none No No No No No No No No N N N N N Rhabdomyosarcoma/biopsy of parapharyngeal mass
15 12.9 F swollen elbow low Y(150) Y(30) No No No No Y(NR) No 90 1.5 N N N ALL/BMA
16 5. M fever, neutropenia high Y(11) No Y(11) Y Y No Y(tip) No 60 1.6 A 35 733 ALL/BMA
17 11.8 M inability to weight-bear, abdominal pain high Y Y(120) Y(120) Y No Y(10) Y(1) No 117 3.5 A 115 880 ALL/BMA
18 14.6 M fever, myalgia, back and leg pain low Y(40) Y(60) Y(60) Y(10) Y No No No 103 N N N 657 Lymphoma/BMA
19 14.8 F fever, cellulitic rash, pancytopenia high Y(2) Y Y(NR) No No Y (1.5) No No 87 0.8 A 18 N ALL/BMA
20 2.8 M limp, back pain, refusal to run none Y(2) Y(7) No No Y Y(U/S) Y(U/S) No 71 4.5 A 83 484 ALL/BMA
21 11.8 M back pain, fever low Y(5) Y(2) No Y(5) Y No No No 67 N N N 378 ALL/BMA
  1. A – abnormal; ALL – acute lymphocytic leukemia; AML – acute myeloid leukemia; BMA – bone marrow aspirate; cm – centimeters; CM – costal margin; CML – chronic myelogenous leukemia; CT – detected by computer tomography but not clinically; Diff – differential; DOS – degree of suspicion of malignancy at time of infectious diseases consultation; Hb – hemoglobin; HMG – hepatomegaly; ID – infectious diseases; JCML – juvenile chronic myeloid leukemia; JMML – juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia; kg – kilograms; LDH – lactate dehydrogenase; LN – lymphadenopathy; N – normal; NR – not reported; Plt – platelet; SMG – splenomegaly; U/S – detected by ultrasound but not clinically; WBC – white blood cell count; Y – yes