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Table 4 Proportion of patients without circulatory failure and classified as DF according to WHO criteria, that is reclassified to DHF when the various modified classification systems are applied.*

From: Dengue disease severity in Indonesian children: an evaluation of the World Health Organization classification system

Criteria used for the classification of DHF patients Number of DF patients without circulatory failure reclassified to DHF Proportion (95% CI)
Bleeding and thrombocytopenia 5 45 (17–77)
Bleeding and haemoconcentration 1 9 (0–41)
Haemoconcentration and Thrombocytopenia 2 18 (2–52)
Bleeding and thrombocytopenia or haemoconcentration 6 55 (23–83)
Thrombocytopenia and haemoconcentration or bleeding 7 64 (31–89)
Haemoconcentration and Bleeding or thrombocytopenia 3 27 (6–61)
  1. * DF, denotes dengue fever; DHF, denotes dengue haemorrhagic fever; WHO, denotes World Health Organization.