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Figure 1

From: Genetic variability of the P120' surface protein gene of Mycoplasma hominis isolates recovered from Tunisian patients with uro-genital and infertility disorders

Figure 1

Representative illustration of PCR amplification of the 510-bp fragment of M. hominis. M: 100 bp molecular size ladder, lanes 1 and 7: M. hominis PG21 strain (positive control), lane 2: No M. hominis DNA with Mhp120' primers (negative control), lanes 3–6: Mhp120' primers with DNA from M. genitalium ATCC 33530 (lane 3), M. fermentans ATCC 19989 (lane 4), M. pneumoniae ATCC 15531 (lane 5), and U. urealyticum UuipT3 (lane 6), lanes 8–19: M. hominis isolates.

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