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Table 1 Immune response after hepatitis B vaccine in different populations of world

From: Evaluation of immune response to Hepatitis B vaccine in health care workers at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan: an observational prospective study

Author Year of publication Country Non responders after immunization (%)
Roome A J et al [16] 1993 JAMA USA (Connecticut) 11.9%
Averhoff F [20] 1998 Am J Prev Med. USA(Georgia) 12%
Louther J [21] 199 Am J Infec Control USA(New York) 21%
Platkov.E [22] 2003 Int. J. Occup Med Environ Health ISRAEL (Netanya) 13.5%
Luiz A.S [23] 2005 The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases BRAZIL(Sao Paulo) 13.6%
Yen YH [24] 2005 Liver international TAIWAN(Kaohsiung) 13.6%
SaberifIroozi M [25] 2006 Arch. Iran Med IRAN(SHIRAZ) 12.7%