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Table 2 Real Time PCR results (title and genotype) in comparison with cultural and conventional PCR methods using saliva and subgingival plaque from 10 Sardinian subjects out of 81, positive for A. actinomycetemcomitans.

From: Usefulness of real time PCR for the differentiation and quantification of 652 and JP2 Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans genotypes in dental plaque and saliva

Patient Disease type Subgingival plaque Saliva
   Aa Real time PCR [cells/ml paper point] Culture for Aa Conventional PCR (for 4 periodontal pathogens) Real time PCR Aa cells/ml Aa Culture CFU/ml vs Conventional PCR (Aa 16S rRNA only)
C1 aggressive periodontitis 1,9*104 (652) posit Aa 3,0*102 (652) 1,5*101/pos
C2 aggressive periodontitis 4,0*103 (JP2) posit Aa, Pg 1,3*102 (JP2) neg/pos
C4 gingivitis 3,6*103 (652) posit Aa, Nd neg/neg
C5 chronic periodontitis 6,4*103 (JP2) posit Aa,Tf Nd neg/neg
C6 chronic periodontitis 1,9*103 (JP2) neg Aa,Tf Nd neg/neg
C7 aggressive periodontitis 2,8*104 (JP2) posit Aa,Pi,Tf Nd neg/neg
C8 aggressive periodontitis 4,4*104 (JP2) posit Aa, Nd neg/neg
C25 aggressive periodontitis 2,0*103 (JP2) posit Aa, Nd neg/neg
C75 aggressive periodontitis 3,0 *104 (652) posit Aa, Pg, Pi,Tf Nd neg/neg
C80 no disease 1,0*103 (652) neg Aa, Pg, Pi,Tf Nd neg/neg
  1. Legend:
  2. Aa = A. actinomycetemcomitans, Pg = P. gingivalis, Pi = P. intermedia, Tf = T. forsythensis.
  3. Nd = non-detectable (<102 cells/ml)