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Table 1 List of influenza A viruses isolates and other pathogens tested for RRT-PCR specificity assay.

From: A sensitive one-step real-time PCR for detection of avian influenza viruses using a MGB probe and an internal positive control

A/Mallard/Italy/70/96 H1N1 positive
A/Mallard/Italy/35/99 H2N3 positive
A/Duck/Ukraine/63 H3N8 positive
A/Mallard/Italy/616/01 H4N6 positive
A/Chicken/Italy/312/97 H5N2 positive
A/Mallard/Italy/80/93 H5N2 positive
A/Chicken/Italy/9097/97 H5N9 positive
A/Mallard/Italy/41/00 H6N8 positive
A/Turkey/Italy/214845/02 H7N3 positive
A/Turkey/Ontario/618/68 H8N4 positive
A/Turkey/Wiss/66 H9N2 positive
A/Coot/Italy/125/94 H10N8 positive
A/Mallard/Italy/243/00 H11N6 positive
A/Duck/Alberta/60/76 H12N5 positive
A/Gull/Maryland/704/77 H13N6 positive
A/Equine/New Market/2/93 H3N8 positive
A/Equine/Roma/1/91 H3N8 positive
A/Swine/Italy/1421/95 H1N1 positive
A/Swine/1184/92 H3N2 positive
A/New Caledonia/20/99 H1N1 positive
A/Roma/3/03 H3N2 positive
B/Guandong/120/00 NA negative
B/Yamagata/16/88 NA negative
PMV 2 (Ck/Ca/Yucaipa/56) NA negative
PMV 3 (Tk/1087/82) NA negative
PMV4 (Dk/HK/D3/75) NA negative
TRTV (But 1FF 8544) NA negative
IBDV (D-78) NA negative
IBV (M41) NA negative
  1. NA: not applicable
  2. PMV: paramixovirus
  3. TRTV:turkey rhinotracheitis virus
  4. IBDV:infectious bursal disease virus
  5. IBV:avian infection bronchitis virus