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Table 2 Detection of norovirus of different genotypes by multiplex real-time-PCR. Comparison to numbers of NV positive specimens as tested by nested PCR/monoplex real-time PCR

From: Detection of Norovirus genogroup I and II by multiplex real-time RT- PCR using a 3'-minor groove binder-DNA probe

Genotype* Prototype strain GenBank no. Detection by multiplex TaqMan (no. pos./no. tested
I.1 Norwalk//1968/USA M87661 1/1
I.2 Southampton/1991/UK L07418 2/2
I.3 Desert Shield395/1990/SA U04469 7/7
I.6 Sindlesham/1995/UK AJ277615 2/2
II.2 Melksham/1989/UK X81879 2/3
II.3** Arg320/1995/AR AF190817 4/4
II.4 Grimsby-like 2002 AY485642 3/3
II.4 Grimsby-like 2004 AY883096 60/62
II.7 Leeds/1990/UK AJ277608 9/9
II.10 Erfurt/546/2000/GE AF427118 1/1
II.unclassified distantly related to AY673935 2/2
II.unclassified distantly related to AB084786 1/1
II. not determ.    3/3
summary    97/100 (97 %)
NV negative    0/40 (100 %)
  1. * Genotype classification according to [19]
  2. ** Genotype classification in the polymerase region: GIIb/Hilversum, in the capsid region GII.3 [26]