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Table 4 Health care system costs for use of whole-blood interferon-γ assay (QuantiFERON-TB®) for testing for M. tuberculosis infection. Total costs incurred for batch of 20 patients tested (2004$). Equipment usage based on time used during assay, with 10-year estimated lifespan for all laboratory equipment. Laboratory staff costs based on hourly salary plus benefits cost for mid-grade staff.

From: Feasibility, acceptability, and cost of tuberculosis testing by whole-blood interferon-gamma assay

Task Group Resources Used Units Used per Batch of 20 Patients Cost Per Patient Tested ($)
Phlebotomy Nursing staff time 1.34 hours (4 minutes per patient) 3.06
  Supplies 20 tubes and needles 2.20
Shipping Courier service 1 daily courier trip ($10) 0.50
Laboratory Commercial kits 0.5 commercial kits 16.50
  Consumables Laboratory supplies 2.39
  Equipment usage Orbital rocker, ELISA washer and reader, incubator, hood, computer 0.11
  Clerical staff 0.66 hours 0.77
  Clinical lab scientist 4.16 hours 8.14
Total    $33.67