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Table 1 Western blot results in the eleven serum samples with different level of reactivity by immnoenzymatic assay (ELISA).

From: Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) prevalence and quantitative detection of DNA proviral load in individuals with indeterminate/positive serological results

  WB results ELISA results
Pt. n°1 negative borderline
Pt. n°2 p19 borderline
Pt. n°3 gd21, p19, p24, p32, p36, gp46, p53, rgp46I positive
Pt. n°4 negative borderline
Pt. n°5 negative borderline
Pt. n°6 p19, 26 borderline
Pt. n°7 gd21, p19, p24, gp46, p53 and rgp46-I positive
Pt. n°8 negative borderline
Pt. n°9 p19, 30 borderline
Pt. n°10 negative borderline
Pt. n°11 negative borderline
  1. WB positive: serum reactivity to envelope and gag proteins.
  2. WB indeterminate: serum reactivity to one or two HTLV-1 proteins.
  3. WB negative: lack of reactivity to viral proteins.
  4. ELISA borderline: absorbance value equal to or greater (ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 optical density) than the cut-off value
  5. ELISA positive: absorbance value greater (ranging from 0.6 to >2.00 optical density) than the cut-off value