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Table 3 Sensitivity of H5N1 primers compared to WHO recommended H5 primers.

From: Specific detection of H5N1 avian influenza A virus in field specimens by a one-step RT-PCR assay

Sample Type Subtype Limit of detection WHO recommended H5 primers Limit of detection H5N1 primers described here
Human 3028 H5N1 10-1 10-3
Avian 933 H5N1 10-1 10-3
Avian 949B H5N1 10-3 10-4
  1. Human 3028: A/Vietnam/3028/2004
  2. Avian 933: A/Chicken/Vietnam/933/2004
  3. Avian 949B: A/Chicken/Vietnam/949B/2004