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Table 1 Characteristics of studies evaluating the effectiveness of influenza vaccine in HIV infected Individuals

From: Efficacy and clinical effectiveness of influenza vaccines in HIV-infected individuals: a meta-analysis

Study, location and reference Number of Patients Study Design Age * (years) CD4 Cell Count** Vaccine strains   Comparator
Tasker 1999, USA, [26] 102 Randomized double blind, placebo controlled 33 403.1 A/Johannesburg/33/94 A/Texas/36/91 B/Harbin/07/94) (H3N2), (HlNl), Saline
Fine 2001, USA, [4] 71 Outbreak investigation 38 149 A/Nanchang/933/95(H3N2), A/Texas/36/91(H1N1), B/Harbin/07/94, York/83/97(H3N2) A/New None
Raineri 2005, Italy, [34] 145 Prospective nonrandomized 20–69 -- INFLEXAL V, Berna   None
Yamanaka 2005, Japan, [27] 328 Prospective nonrandomized 40.8 379 A/New Caledonia/20/99 A/Panama/2007/99 B/Shanton/7/87 (H1N1), (H3N2), None
  1. *- mean or range; **-median values (mean used when median was not reported[26])