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Table 2 PCR primers used to amplify DNA regions specific to the genes encoding the alpha (bca) and beta (bac) C proteins, and the protein Rib (rib).*

From: The frequency of genes encoding three putative group B streptococcal virulence factors among invasive and colonizing isolates

Gene Forward primer Reverse primer Reference Size Annealing temperature Extension time
bca 5'-TAACAGTTATGATACTTCACAGAC-3' [11] 535 bp 68°C 33 sec
bac 5'-CTATTTTTGATATTGACAATGCAA-3' [12] 592 bp 60°C 36 sec
rib 5'-CAGGAAGTGCTGTTACGTTAAAC-3' [9] 369 bp 58°C 22 sec
  1. * PCR conditions for each reaction included a five minute denaturation step at 95°C, and 30 cycles of the following: 35 second denaturation, 40 second annealing and varying extension times. The extension temperature was 73°C for all reactions.