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Table 1 Genotype findings at all loci tested. Functional variations were observed in the TLR 5 gene, the flagellin receptor, TLR5-F616L, a heterozygous mutation TLR5-R392 and two coagulation variations resulting in thrombotic events (HT TF603 and PAI-1 4G-4G homozygous). Genes encoding proteins involved in inflammation genes were normal.

From: Lemierre's syndrome and genetic polymorphisms: a case report

  Ref WT/WT WT/M M/M    WT/WT WT/M M/M
TLR2 R753Q rs5743708 X    IL 10-1082 rs1800872 X   
TLR5-R392 rs5744168   X   TNF b1/b2 rs2229094 X   
TLR5-N592S rs2072494 X    TNF 238 rs361525 X   
TLR5-F616L rs5744174    X TNF 308 rs1800629 X   
TLR4 D299G rs4986790 X    TNF 376 rs1800750 X   
Fc-GrIIα rs1801274 X    PAI-1 rs1799768    X
CD 14 rs2569190   X   Fibrinogen rs6050 X   
SPD 11 rs721917 X    TF p603 [14]   X  
SPD 160 rs2243639   X   EPCR rs867186 X   
MIF rs755622   X   Factor II rs1799963 X   
IL 6 rs1800795   X   Factor V Rs6025 X   
IL 10-592 rs1800872   X   Factor VII Rs6046 X   
  1. Abreviations : Toll like receptor (TLR); Fc receptor for IgG (Fc-gamma RII); macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF); Endothelial protein C receptor (EPCR); Tissue factor (TF); Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF); Surfactant Protein D(SPD); WT: Wild type concerns the frequent allele; M: mutation concerns the rare allele. Ref: reference number for the studied SNP.