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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of characteristics of the pregnant women studied and their association with T. gondii infection.

From: Seroepidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women in a public hospital in northern Mexico

Characteristica Group Adjusted odds ratio 95% Confidence interval P value
Turkey meat consumption     
  Yes 3.85b 1.30–11.44 0.014
Deer meat consumption     
  Yes 0.8b 0.04–16.47 0.9
Squirrel meat consumption     
  Yes 1.38b 0.10–18.95 0.8
Wild animal meat comsumptionc     
  Yes 2.4b 0.09–61.01 0.5
Residence outside Durango     
  Yes 4.25b 1.72–10.49 0.001
Blood transfusion     
  Yes 28.9b 0.00–250 0.8
House with soil floors     
  Yes 7.16b 1.39–36.84 0.018
  1. aThe variables included were those with a p < 0.20 obtained in the bivariate analysis.
  2. bAdjusted by age, occupation, housing conditions index, contact with cat and the rest of Characteristics included in this table.
  3. cIncluding deer, boar or squirrel.