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Table 1 Patients hospitalized with respiratory tract illness associated with HCoV-NL63 infection

From: A novel pancoronavirus RT-PCR assay: frequent detection of human coronavirus NL63 in children hospitalized with respiratory tract infections in Belgium

Patient nr. Age Sex Symptoms Underlying disease Specimen Sample date
1153a 1 year male URTI: fever, coughing, wheezing, rhinitis, diarrhoea none NPA 27 Jan 2003
33545 16 years male LRTI: fever, coughing, respiratory distress, pharyngitis Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome NPA 14 Feb 2003
21596 1 year female LRTI: fever, coughing, respiratory distress Vater syndrome, epilepsy NPA 20 Feb 2003
53887 1 month female URTI: fever, rhinitis, two siblings have URTI none NPA 20 Feb 2003
40001 1 year male LRTI: respiratory distress, cardiac arrest, rotavirus-positive diarrhoea epilepsy NPA 21 Feb 2003
64880 2 years male URTI: fever, coughing, wheezing neurofibromatosis NPA 24 Feb 2003
70688b 1 year female LRTI: pneumonia, fever, cyanosis, diarrhoea none PS 25 Feb 2004
  1. apositive for RSV type B; bpositive for adenovirus and parainfluenza virus
  2. LRTI, lower respiratory tract illness; URTI, upper respiratory tract illness; PS, pharyngeal swab; NPA, nasopharyngeal aspirate