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Figure 1

From: Exacerbated inflammatory cellular immune response characteristics of HAM/TSP is observed in a large proportion of HTLV-I asymptomatic carriers

Figure 1

HAM/TSP patients display higher production of IFN-γ as compared with others cytokines synthesis. Unstimulated cultures supernatants of PBMC from 17 HAM/TSP patients and 36 asymptomatic carriers were compared with negative controls (n = 15) and assayed by ELISA to observe IFN-γ, TNF-α, IL-5 and IL-10 synthesis. Figure 1A shows IFN-γ levels (pg/ml) in HAM/TSP patients as compared with asymptomatic carries or negative controls. Figure 1B shows TNF-α, IL-5 and IL-10 levels in both groups. The bars represent the median of IFN-γ concentrations and the difference were considered significant when p < 0.05 (Mann-Whitney U Test).

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