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Table 3 Conditions which may have been undiagnosed category C illnesses and important non-category C conditions

From: AIDS-defining illnesses among patients with HIV in Singapore, 1985 to 2001: results from the Singapore HIV Observational Cohort Study (SHOCS)

Possible category C conditions New Recurrent Total
Pneumonia, cause unknown1 114 3 117
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, extracerebral2 25 0 25
Meningitis, cause unknown3 21 0 21
Dementia4 20 0 20
Cerebral lesion, cause unknown5 18 0 18
Non-category C conditions    
Weight loss, >10% bodyweight 379 46 383
Pneumonia, bacterial 102 47 106
Salmonella septicemia 86 08 86
Penicillium marneffei, disseminated 5 1 6
  1. 1Some of these patients died before a diagnosis could be established and others recovered following a mixture of antibacterial and Pneumocystis treatments. Therefore the majority of these cases are likely to be due to bacteria or Pneumocystis carinii infections. 2Histology in these cases was not sufficiently specific to confirm a diagnosis of Burkitt's or immunoblastic lyphoma. 3These patients represent a diverse mixture of cases without a confirmed diagnosis, but they are believed to include mycobacterial, bacterial, viral and fungal infections. 4This excludes cases which fulfilled the diagnosis of HIV-related encephalopathy. 5Many of these cases died soon after diagnosis and are likely to include a large number of patients with toxoplasmosis of the brain. 6Recurrent weight loss indicates that weight was regained and subsequently lost again and not that 20% of body weight was lost. 7These cases of recurrence of bacterial pneumonia were not category C conditions as they occurred more than 12 months after the preceding case. 8Four cases of recurrent Salmonella septicaemia are included in the "other" category of table 3.