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Table 2 Kaplan's criteria (2) for suspecting an outbreak is due to norovirus compared to features of the gastro-enteritis outbreak in Gran Canaria 2002.

From: Gastro-enteritis outbreak among Nordic patients with psoriasis in a health centre in Gran Canaria, Spain: a cohort study

Kaplan criteria How our study meet these criteria
1. Vomiting in > 50% of cases 69% vomited
2. Duration of illness 12–60 h 85% had duration of illness -1–72* h
3. Incubation period of 15–36 h Food items eaten within 48 h are possible vehicles
4. Bacterial pathogens are not identified 22 stool samples found negative
  1. * Duration of symptoms was asked for in terms of days. Only time of onset and not hourly information on recovery were collected. We therefore had to use 1–72 h instead of 12–60 h.