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Table 2 Quasispecies fluctuations and mutations during the transition from human tissue to Vero cell culture. Nucleotide variations observed between primary human tissue isolates and their respective subsequent Vero cell culture. Both quasispecies selection (SIN3275V → SIN849M) and new emergence (AS → HSR1) are observed during the transmission of SARS-CoV from human tissue sample into Vero cell culture.

From: Mutational dynamics of the SARS coronavirus in cell culture and human populations isolated in 2003

Source of viral sequence: Human Tissue Source of viral sequence: Passage to Vero cell culture Nucleotide Heterogeneity Position (Urbani) ORF (based on NC_004718.3)
Sin3408L Sin842M - - -
Sin3725V Sin849M Y [t/C] → T 548 95aa of Leader protein (I, T → I)
   Y [T/C] → C 13347 131aa of NSP10 (SILENT)
Sin3765V Sin852M - - -
AS HSR 1 G → R [G/A] 27254 637aa of sars6 (D → D, N)