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Table 1 Table 1: Single nucleotide heterogeneity (SNH) observed in the six passages of Vero cells culture. Along the six Vero cell passages, nucleotide heterogeneity was observed (initially through capillary sequencing and confirmed using MassARRAY genotyping) at nucleotide position 18356. Presence of single nucleotide heterogeneities (SNHs) indicates coexistence of multiple SARS-CoV isolate in the Vero cell culture.

From: Mutational dynamics of the SARS coronavirus in cell culture and human populations isolated in 2003

Genomic Location (Based on SIN2774) SIN2774_P1 SIN2774_P2 SIN2774_P3 SIN2774_P4 SIN2774_P5 ORF
18356 A/G A/G A/G A/G A/G 135aa of nuclease ExoN homolog [R/G]