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Table 2 Input values for the costs in the model.§

From: An economic analysis of premarriage prevention of hepatitis B transmission in Iran

Variable Definition Cost Rials (US $)*
C1 Cost of HBsAg screening 30000 (3.6)
C2 Cost of HBcAb screening 30000 (3.6)
C3 Cost of HB vaccination (one dose) 40000 (4.8)
C4 Cost of HBIG injection (single dose) 120000 (14.5)
C5 Cost of Condoms (one box) 8000 (1)
C6 Cost of HBsAb screening 30000 (3.6)
  1. § The direct medical costs of the interventions were extracted from the resources and tariffs of Iranian Health Ministry, Iran Pasteur Institute and Iranian Transfusion Organization (unpublished data).
  2. * 1US $ = 8300 Iranian Rials