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Figure 5

From: Effects of Ibuprofen on the physiology and outcome of rabbit endotoxic shock

Figure 5

Mean Urine PGE 2 values over time for all groups. In Group III, urine PGE2 levels were significantly increased at 30 min compared with t0 (p < 0.001). They declined after 60 minutes and continued to decline at 90 minutes; levels at both 60 and 90 min were significantly lower than the 30 minute value (p < 0.001), but no different from t0 (p > 0.05). In Group IV, PGE2 levels increased at 30 min compared to t0, then began to decrease from 60 and 120 min, but the difference was only significant between 30 and 90 min (p < 0.05).

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