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Figure 3

From: Effects of Ibuprofen on the physiology and outcome of rabbit endotoxic shock

Figure 3

Mean arterial blood pressure changes over time for each group. At 60 minutes, MAP levels started to decrease in group IV, and were statistically different from groups III and I (p < 0.01). At 90 minutes, MAP levels in groups II and IV remained statistically different from groups I and III (p < 0.01). At 120 minutes, they started to decrease in group III and statistically clear differences from group I (p < 0.05) could be seen. Arterial pressure in group III was found to be statistically higher than in both groups II and IV (p < 0.02). At 180 and 240 minutes, MAP levels kept decreasing in groups II, III and IV. They were clearly lower in those three groups than in group I (p < 0.001).

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