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Table 1 NS5B polymerase advances and future research

From: Updateon different aspects of HCV variability: focus on NS5B polymerase

Major advances
  • NS5B interacts with different host factors for viral replication [1420] and virus morphogenesis [25].
  • NS5B represents a therapeutic target for the inhibition of viral replication [27, 35, 44].
  • NS5B is responsible for high variability of HCV [29].
  • NS5B viral genomic region is necessary for phylogenetic and phylodinamic analysis [79], but not enough to identify recombinant strains [31, 32, 42].
Major research questions
  • Is NS5B variability associated with prognosis of the disease in HCV infected patients? [13]
  • Is viral replication fitness influenced in HCV infected and HIV/HCV co-infected patients by NS5B variability? [34]
  • Can adaptive evolution of NS5B contribute to persistence of HCV in PBMCs? [43]