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Table 2 Clinical manifestations of tuberculosis in children [5372]

From: Clinical peculiarities of tuberculosis

Area involved Clinical presentation
More common
Lungs and airways Pneumonia, cavitary lesions, wheezing, laryngeal involvement
Lymph nodes Enlargement of mediastinal, cervical, submandibular, supraclavicular, preauricular, submental and abdominal lymph nodes
Central nervous system Meningitis, tuberculoma
Bones and skeletal muscles Pott’s disease, arthritis, cystic of bone, abscess of skeletal muscles
Less common
Abdomen Pneumatosis intestinalis, peritonitis, liver and splenic abscess, enterolithiasis, intestinal perforation
Genitourinary tract Scrotum inflammation, hydrocele, calyceal destruction, ureteral strictures, small-capacity bladder, hydronephrosis, kidney calcification
Heart and vessels Intracardiac tuberculoma, pseudoaneurysms
Oral cavity Enlargement of the tonsils, rethropharyngeal abscess, granulomatous cheilitis
Eyes Uveitis, episcleritis, optic neuritis, orbital tuberculoma
Skin Scrofuloderma lesions, lupus vulgaris, tuberculosis verrucosa cutis