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Table 5 Fitted distributions for observational incubation time studies, Plasmodium vivax malaria

From: The distribution of incubation and relapse times in experimental human infections with the malaria parasite Plasmodium vivax

Standard distributions Mixture distributions
Base model ∆ DIC Base model ∆ DIC
exponential 952.4 exponential 551.5
gamma 570.6 gamma 171.8
Gompertz 874.2 Gompertz 297.7
log-logistic 719.3 log-logistic 0.0
log-normal 688.4 log-normal 41.5
Weilbull 611.9 Weilbull 193.4
DIC of best-fit model    2876.7
  1. (Note: shifted distributions showed extremely poor fit and are not reported).
  2. The best fitting distribution is shown in bold.