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Table 1 Baseline features of the study patients and controls

From: Differential in vivo expression of mycobacterial antigens in Mycobacterium tuberculosisinfected lungs and lymph node tissues

  TB cases Controls
Age group   
Children (2–14 years) 6 0
Adults (18–86 years) 14 12
Male 12 6
Female 8 6
Origin of biopsies   
Lung tissues from pulmonary TB with many AFBs 3  
Cervical lymph nodes 13  
Axillary lymph nodes 2  
Mesenteric lymph nodes 1  
Inguinal lymph nodes 1  
Foreign-body granulomas of the skin   9
Colon cancer   1
Normal tonsillar tissue   1
Lung tissues from autopsy of ischemic heart disease   1