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Table 2 Retinal findings on retinal photography in the 6 patients with visible retinal lesions

From: Retinal changes in visceral leishmaniasis by retinal photography

Patient Eye Haemorrhages Cotton wool spots Whitening Vessels Drusen
1 R None 2 superotemporal 1 inferotemporal perivascular white dot Normal None
  L 1 superotemporal flame-shaped at first bifurcation None None Tortuous, veins and arteries. Possible superotemporal vein occlusion at first bifurcation, inferotemporal vein occlusion at AV crossing first bifurcation Few macular drusen
2 R None None Perivascular Temporal periarteriolar whitening/sheathing None
  L None None Perivascular Normal None
3 R 1 superficial None Perivascular Normal None
  L None None Periarterial Normal None
4 R None 1 nasal Periarterial Normal None
  L None 1 peripapillary None Normal Macula, few
5 R None None None Normal None
  L None None None Normal None
6 R None None None Normal None
  L None None Multifocal Normal None