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Table 3 Post-hoc univariate analysis (analysis 2): PCR Pertussis positive: suspected (group III) versus non-suspected pertussis group (group V)

From: Bordetella pertussis: an underreported pathogen in pediatric respiratory infections, a prospective cohort study

Variable P value
Age (months) 0,180a
Gender 0,112b
Coinfections 0,708a
Hospitalization 0,513b
Duration of Illness 0,140a
Fever 0,264b
Cough Np
Rhinorrhea Np
Apnea Np
Wheezing 0,271b
Cyanosis 0,791b
Retractions 0,515b
Tachypnea 0,507b
Paroxysmal coughing 0,0076 b
Disease severity score 0,844a
Combined URTI and LRTI 0,0132 b
Exclusively URTI 0,0136 b
Chest radiograph 0,509b
Start antibiotics 0,0122 b
  1. aKruskal Wallis test for continuous variables.
  2. bBinomial test for discrete variables.
  3. np = not possible.
  4. Significant differences noted as bold.