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Figure 2

From: A novel polyclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA for detection of Plasmodium vivaxdeveloped from two lactate dehydrogenase protein segments

Figure 2

pvLDH PAb Sandwich ELISA assays. A) Shows the systems components labeled: 1) Rabbit antibody anti-pvLDH 1-43 aa; 2) Native LDH (draw based in tetramerical structure described by Chaikuad (2005); 3) Mouse antibody anti- pvLDH 1- 43 aa; 4) Mouse antibody anti-pvLDH 35-305aa; 5) Goat secundary antibody anti-mouse IgG conjugated to HRP. B) Shows a graphic representation of “test 1”. C) Shows a graphic representation of “test 2”. D) Shows two dot plots illustrating performance of the two PAb assays tests described in main text. Values indicated on the Y-axis are for optical density measurements. Individual data points are represented with spots. In both test data sets, points from negative control blood samples are displayed on the right hand side of the plots and those from the microscope slide positive samples are shown on the left. Solid horizontal lines represent test mean values, dashed lines indicate test cut-off points.

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