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Figure 1

From: A novel polyclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISA for detection of Plasmodium vivaxdeveloped from two lactate dehydrogenase protein segments

Figure 1

Recombinant protein production for pvLDH epitope preparations. A) Shows the pvLDH gene sequence targeted for “pvLDH 1-43aa” protein production; PCR primers were used to amplify nucleotide positions 1 to 131 (shown in red and green). For “pvLDH 35-305aa” protein production, PCR primers were designed to amplify nucleotide positions 82 to 899 (shown in green and blue). B) Shows the corresponding protein segments “pvLDH 1-43aa” and “pvLDH 35-305aa” that were subsequently cloned and expressed. C) Shows the results from a SDS page gel and an immunoblot that were used to confirm the successful expression and isolation of a recombinant proteins of the size expected of pvLDH 1-43aa protein segments. D) Shows the results from a western blot confirming the successful expression and isolation of a recombinant protein of a size expected for pvLDH 35-305aa recombinant protein segment. NT = Nucleotide; AA = Aminoacids.

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