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Table 2 Characteristics of patients with virological failure (HIV-RNA >400 copies/mL) and nevirapine plasma concentrations below 3 mg/L

From: Therapeutic drug monitoring of nevirapine in saliva in Uganda using high performance liquid chromatography and a low cost thin-layer chromatography technique

Patient ID sex Age (years) Nevirapine plasma conc. (mg/L) 30-day adherence Viral load (copies/mL) NNRTI DRMs NRTI DRMs
MBA029 female 30 0.44 100% 40768 K103N M184IMV
JCR089 female 32 0.21 95- < 100% 966 ND ND
JCR086 male 48 0.03 100% 696298 G190A None
  1. NNRTI = non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, NRTI = nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, DRM = drug resistance mutation (as identified Stanford Genotypic Resistance Interpretation Algorithm), ND = no data available.