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Table 1 Age, gender and clinical severity of patients with EV71 infection

From: The correlation between the presence of viremia and clinical severity in patients with enterovirus 71 infection: a multi-center cohort study

  Case number (n = 224) Percentage
Age (median with range, years) 2.71 (0–15)  
  ≤ 3 y/o 102 46%
  > 3 y/o 122 54%
  Male 140 63%
  Female 84 38%
Clinical Severity (Grade 1 to 4)   
  Uncomplicated diseasea 88 39%
  Myoclonic jerk or aseptic meningitis 101 45%
  Severe CNS involvementb without cardiopulmonary failure 22 10%
  Severe CNS involvementb with cardiopulmonary failure 13 6%
  Complete recovery 219 98%
  With sequelaec 3 1%
  Death 2 1%
  1. aUncomplicated cases includes uncomplicated HFMD, herpangina or febrile illness.
  2. bSevere CNS involvement includes encephalitis, encephalomyelitis or polio-like syndrome.
  3. cAmong the three patients with sequelae, one patient had cervical mye1itis and thoracic spine arachnoiditis and had flaccid paralysis of right arm, another had rhombencephalitis complicated with left arm paralysis and ventilator-dependence after dishcharge, the other had paralysis of left arm and lower limbs and also needed non-invasive positive pressure ventilation after discharge.