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Table 4 Demographics and test results for the five contacts who progressed to active tuberculosis during follow-up

From: Agreement between QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube and the tuberculin skin test and predictors of positive test results in Warao Amerindian pediatric tuberculosis contacts

Age, yr Sex BCG Malnourished* Duration contact (h/day) TB diagnosis Time point diagnosis QFT-GIT TST Chest X-ray
Inclusion TB diagnosis Inclusion TB diagnosis Inclusion TB diagnosis
Result IU/ml Result IU/ml Result mm Result mm
0 (6 mo) F Yes Yes <12 Probable 6 mo Nd   Ind −23.123 Neg 0 Neg 2 Segmental calcifications Segmental calcifications, Ghon focus with cavitation, lymph node disease with tracheal compression
1 M Yes Yes <12 Possible 6 mo Neg 0.024 Neg 0.012 Pos 10 Nd   Segmental parenchymal destruction paracardial region right lung Segmental parenchymal destruction paracardial region right lung, bilateral parenchymal infiltrates lower lobes
1 M Yes Yes ≥12 Probable 12 mo Neg 0.012 Neg 0.000 Neg 0 Neg 0 No abnormalities Alveolar consolidation right upper lobe
6 M Yes No <12 Possible 6 mo Pos 3.045 Neg 0.133 Pos 10 Nd   No abnormalities Lobar alveolar consolidation right middle lobe
11 M Yes No <12 Probable 6 mo Pos 2.701 Pos 3.394 Pos 10 Nd   Segmental calcifications Segmental calcifications, right hilar lymph node enlargement, alveolar consolidation left upper lobe
  1. yr = years, mo = months, h = hours, F = Female, M = Male, BCG = Bacille Calmette - Guérin, TB = Tuberculosis, QFT-GIT = QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube assay, TST = Tuberculin skin test, Nd = Not done, Ind = Indeterminate, Pos = Positive, Neg = Negative.
  2. *Reflects nutritional status upon inclusion.