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Table 3 Directions of GWM during epidemic period

From: Spatiotemporal characteristics of pandemic influenza

Pandemic Compass angle of resulting vector Directional mean (Clockwise from due North) Circular variance Average X (km) Average Y (km) Average length of vector (km)
Russian 14 75 0.35 581 6751 109
Asian 29 61 0.30 534 6670 50
A(H1N1)pdm09 205 245 0.58 521 6640 59
  1. The table lists the compass angle of the resulting vector from the weekly movements of the GWM for the three pandemics, the mean direction of the individual vectors, their circular variance (Circular variances range from 0 to 1), the coordinates for the mean center and the average length of the weekly movements.
  2. Skog et al.