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Figure 9

From: 4Flu - an individual based simulation tool to study the effects of quadrivalent vaccination on seasonal influenza in Germany

Figure 9

Immunologic results of about 500,000 TIV and QIV vaccinations which are performed in the 20 year evaluation period of a randomly selected simulation. The pie charts display the percentages of vaccinees who are immunized (green), boostered (blue) or fail to respond immunologically (grey). Immunologic responses with respect to A(H1N1) and A(H3N2) are averaged as “Influenza A”, and immunologic responses with respect to B/Vic and B/Yam are averaged as “Influenza B”. As TIV only contains one B lineage, the immunologic response to the missing lineage is either missing (grey) or it is caused by a cross immunization (light green) or cross-immunizing booster event (light blue).

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