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Table 1 Parameters of tuberculosis transmission models

From: Interpreting measures of tuberculosis transmission: a case study on the Portuguese population

Symbol Definition Value
β Transmission coefficient variable (yrs−1)
ν Proportion of pulmonary TB cases 0.75
μ Death and Birth rate 1/80 yrs−1
δ Rate at which individuals leave P compartment 2 yrs−1
ϕ Fraction of infected population developing active TB 0.05
σ Reinfection factor 0.5
ω Rate of endogenous reactivation 0.0003 yrs−1
τ Inverse of time to detection 4.26 yrs−1
κ Proportion of detected cases in a year 0.87
δ T Inverse of treatment length 1.36 yrs−1
ϕ T Fraction of treatment default and failure 0.04
α a Low-risk factor 0.15 or variable
γ a Proportion of low-risk group 0.98 or variable
  1. a- Parameter used only in the heterogeneous model.