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Table 1 Comparison of published cases of imquimod-induced vitiligo or vitiligo-like depigmentation in English literature

From: Induction of vitiligo after imiquimod treatment of condylomata acuminata

Case Author (year) Age (year)/ gender Diagnosis Site Clinical presentation Pathology Family genetic history
1 Brown et al. 2005 [5] 25/M Vitiligo-like hypopigmentation Scrotum Multiple depigmented patches on the scrotum ranging from 3 mm to 2 cm No No report
2 Stefanaki et al. 2006 [6] 32/M Vitiligo Dorsal surface of penis, scrotum, and pubic area Vitiligo, slight repigmentation No Yes
3 Senel et al. 2007 [8] 32 M Vitiligo-like depigmentation Glans penis, shaft of penis, and scrotum Depigmented areas No No
4 Al-Dujaili et al. 2007 [7] 21/M Vitiligo Penile shaft and scrotum Depigmented patches No No report
5 Serrão et al. 2008 [9] 26/M Vitiligo-like depigmentation Shaft of penis Vitiligo-like depigmentation No No report
6 Zhang et al. 2011 [10] 25/M Vitiligo Coronoid sulcus and corpus penis Ivory-white patch nearly 4 × 2 cm No No report
7 Zhang et al. 2011 [10] 22/M Vitiligo Penis Depigmented patches with irregular pigmented edges No No report
8 Wang et al. 2013 [11] 36/F Vitiligo Perineum and perianal Depigmentation patches with clear demarcation lines No No