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Table 1 Mapping of the included reviews to the selected cochrane effective practice and organisation of care group organizational interventions a

From: Interventions to improve delivery of isoniazid preventive therapy: an overview of systematic reviews

Intervention Definition Example of intervention Reviews mapped to this category Bottom-line statements of effectiveness
Changes to the setting/site of service delivery (3 reviews) This intervention could include providing IPT outside of the usual TB clinic setting, such as in an HIV care and treatment center for HIV-infected patients or in the household through home-based care programs for TB child contacts or in another community-based setting. Introduction of IPT to community settings such as methadone clinics or shelters (Al-Darraji et al, 2012 [23] and DeFulio et al, 2012 [24]); integration of TB/HIV services (Uyei et al, 2011 [25]) Al-Darraji et al, 2012 [23]; DeFulio et al, 2012 [24]; Uyei et al, 2011 [25] Overall, high levels of adherence and a range of treatment completion of IPT were reported.
Changes in medical records systems (0 reviews) This intervention might include changing from paper to computerized records and the use of patient-tracking systems. None None N/A
Presence and organization of quality monitoring mechanisms (2 reviews) Quality monitoring mechanisms may include monitoring of medication or treatment outcomes. Provision of directly observed therapy (DOT) for LTBI (Hirsch-Moverman et al, 2008 [26]; Zuñiga et al, 2012 [27]) Hirsch-Moverman et al, 2008 [26]; Zuñiga et al, 2012 [27] While higher adherence was observed with DOT than self-administered therapy, actual completion rates in comparative studies remain suboptimal—as low as 44% to at best 80% (Hirsch-Moverman et al, 2008 [26]).
Revision of professional roles, e.g., nurses and lay health workers (1 review) This intervention includes shifts in the roles among caregivers, also known as ‘professional substitution’ or shifting boundaries in professional care [28]. Use of lay health care workers for peer supported self-supervision or DOT Lewin et al, 2010 [9] There was moderate quality evidence that this type of support had little or no effect on the completion of IPT.
Integration of IPT delivery into primary health care services (0 review) This intervention focuses on improving access by incorporating IPT delivery into other health care services None None N/A
  1. aThese interventions are described in detail in the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Review Group, Data Collection Checklist, 2002,