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Figure 4

From: Combined immunization using DNA-Sm14 and DNA-Hsp65 increases CD8+ memory T cells, reduces chronic pathology and decreases egg viability during Schistosoma mansoniinfection

Figure 4

DNA-Sm14/DNA-Hsp65 immunization reduced tissue damage during granuloma formation in the liver of Schistosoma mansoni infected mice. Representative photomicrography of HE, Picrosirius and α-SMA staining from liver sections of mice without immunization (Control), immunized with DNA-Sm14 or DNA-Sm14/DNa-Hsp65, 69 days after infection. HE and Picrosirius staining were used to analyze granuloma formation and collagen deposition respectively. Immunohistochemical staining was performed to detect α-SMA fibers around the granuloma. Original magnification, X50.

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