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Table 2 Recommended areas for further work on school closures by authorities

From: School closures during the 2009 influenza pandemic: national and local experiences



Pandemic planning

Ensure that school closures (as a public health intervention or due to large absenteeism in schools) is included in generic pandemic planning.


Agree on triggers for proactive and reactive closures in a pandemic and how they would be operated at the local level.

National decision making

Prepare arrangements for national decision-making on school closures and how adjoining counties would apply these.

Mitigating adverse effects

Develop arrangements for mitigating the adverse impact of school closures notably for alternative care arrangements and continuing education.

Special schools

Consider how special schools would be included in these arrangements.


Develop communication plans and materials for school staff, parents and the media.

Local planning

Ensure there are robust local plans for closures across complex school systems and exercise these plans on occasions for pandemic and other emergencies (such as extreme weather).