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Table 1 Overview of early Xpert MTB/RIF test placement and TB case finding strategy in nine countries

From: Results from early programmatic implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF testing in nine countries

Country WHO Country classifications Placement Number of GeneXpert machines Case finding approach
2-Module 4-Module
Bangladesh HBC, HDR Two urban private diagnostic laboratories 2   Systematic screening of all attendees
Cambodia HBC Both machines used at one-day mobile camps set up at primary care facilities   2 Active with promotion of testing days in community
DR Congo HBC, HDR, HTH One primary care center, one sub-district hospital, five district hospitals and one provincial laboratory. 7 1 Primarily passive but with employed community groups to refer people with suspected TB
Kenya HBC, HTH Two district hospitals and one health center.   3 Mixed, employed community cough workers to augment numbers of people tested
All had ART delivery
Malawi HTH One central hospital, four district hospitals, one health center in a district with no district hospital, one mission hospital and one community hospital.   8 Passive
Moldova HDR 17 in public facilities at lowest level for TB diagnosis, two in regional AIDS centers, two in the national reference laboratory, two in the regional reference laboratory, and two in the penitentiary sector 16 9 Passive
Mozambique HBC, HTH Four district hospitals   4 Passive
Nepal HBC Four regional hospitals (two public and two private), one district hospital, two primary health centers, one private referral center, and one reference laboratory 3 6 Primarily passive with some awareness raising/and educational activities to improve numbers of people tested
Pakistan HBC, HDR Four urban private diagnostic laboratories 4   Systematic screening of all attendees
  1. HBC = High Burden Country, HDR = High MDR-TB Burden Country, HTH = High TB/HIV Burden Country.