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Table 1 Summary of clinical characteristics of all patients with invasive fungal infections

From: Interferon-gamma as adjunctive immunotherapy for invasive fungal infections: a case series

IFN-γ treated patients
Age Pathogens n= Site of nfection n= Underlying illness n= Antifungal therapy n= Outcome n=
49.6 ± SD19.8 C. albicans 3 Candidaemia 2 Stem cell transplantation for AML 1 Anidulafungin 1 Cured without further infectious complications 2
BMI Candida spp 2 Candidaemia Endocarditis 1 Sarcoidosis treated with prednisone and azathioprin 1 Fluconazole 1 Lost to follow up after discharge from hospital 1
22.9 ± SD6.9 A. fumigatus 2 Pulmonary aspergilllosis 3 First remission induction chemotherapy for AML 1 L-AMB + Voriconazole 1 Slight reduction hepatic lesions 1
Gender C. tropicalis 1 Osteomeyelitis 1 ICD, Streptococcus sanguis endocarditis, aorta valve replacement with bioprosthesis 1 Voriconazole + Anidulafungin 1 Cured but complicated with mycotic cerebral aneurysms 1
F: 5 M: 3 A. fumigatus+ M. genavese 1 Hepatic abcess 1 persistent pulmonary cavity after radiotherapy for a T1N0M0 lungcarcinoma 1 Itraconasole, L-AMB, Voriconazole 1 Cured from candidemia episode, 4 months later unrelated bacterial sepsis episode 1
      Total parenteral nutrition via Hickmann catheter because of slow transit bowel, intestinal pseudo obstruction, or gastroparesis 3 Anidulafungin and step down to fluconazol 3 Died due to infectious complications 71 or 15 days after initiation of IFN-γ therapy 2
Placebo treated patients
53.0 ± SD19.1 C. glabrata 2 Candidaemia 3 Total parenteral nutrition via Hickmann catheter because of slow transit bowel 1 Anidulafungin 2 Cured without further infectious complications 3
BMI C. tropicalis 1    HIV with porth-a-cath for venous access 1 Anidulafungin + amphotericin B 1   
18.5 ± SD4.0      construction of ileal conduit urinary diversion (Bricker deviation) because of pT4N2M1 bladder cancer. 1     
F: 3 M: 0           
  1. F, female; M, male; ICD, implantable cardioverter-defribillator; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus; L-AMB, liposomal amphotericin B; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage; AML, acute myeloid leukemia.