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Table 4 Thematic categories & associated sub-themes from in-depth interviews

From: How do hospital professionals involved in a randomised controlled trial perceive the value of genotyping vs. PCR-ribotyping for control of hospital acquired C. difficile infections?

Super-ordinate theme Descriptor Containing these sub-themes
1 Context Internal trends and changes in external environment a) Fall in numbers of CDI cases
b) Low transmission rates
Requirement to report outbreaks
2 Test process Factors associated with the test itself which inhibit or facilitate utilisation of typing test results in the hospital a) Routine hospital protocols
b) Timing of results
c) Optimum lab turnaround time
d) Process time in hospital
e) More discriminatory typing information
f) Understanding MLVA results
g) Confidence in MLVA results
Organisation of typing test requests
3 Infection control Interface between typing test result and specific infection control measures a) Ward cleaning
b) Ward closure
c) Audit of practice
Staff training
4 Indirect benefits Effects not related directly to individual cases, including potential benefits a) Organisational culture
b) Reassurance/confidence building
   Epidemiological value