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Table 1 Timeline of the main clinical events

From: Transverse myelitis and acute HIV infection: a case report

Week 1 Travels to Angola.
Week 4 Uncomplicated malaria episode.
Week 32 Ear piercing.
Week 34 Probable gastroenteritis and arthropod bite.
Week 35 Fatigue, fever, myalgia, non-productive cough, thoracic pain (belt-like).
Treated with antibiotics.
Week 40 Persisting fatigue and thoracic pain.
  Returns to Portugal and seeks medical care. Discharged on analgesics.
Day 1 Worsening fatigue and thoracic pain.
  Urinary retention, paraparesia and hypoaesthesia.
  HIV screening positive, Inno-Lia™ indeterminate.
  MRI suggestive of myelitis.
  Ceftriaxone, gancyclovir and methylprednisolone.
Day 3 Worsening neurologic symptoms.
  Mild CSF pleocytosis and protein elevation.
  Doxycicline and human immunoglobulin. Stops gancyclovir.
Day 10 Progressive and complete resolution of symptoms.
  HIV-1 RNA detection on blood and CSF. 760/mm3 T-CD4 count.
Day 21 HIV screening positive, Inno-Lia™ indeterminate.
  Discharged home.
Month 3 Assymptomatic.
  Inno-Lia™ positive.
Month 12 Assymptomatic.
  Progressive decline of T-CD4 count to below 400/mm3.
  Anti-retroviral therapy instituted.
  1. CSF: cerebrospinal fluid; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging.